Amano 700 key
MJR, TCX, PIX, EX time clock key

Amano time clock key. Fits PIX3000, PIX200, MJR7000, MJR8000, EX6000, 9000 and more. One key on a "company key fob".

Retail Price: $11.00
Our Price: $6.25

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 36 Amano MJR-7000 Ribbon 2-packC-872304 Amano Ribbon$36.00
Click 38 Amano MJR8000 ribbon, 2-packAmano MJR8000 2 color ribbon$38.00
Click 3 PIX and TCX Ribbon - 2CE-315151 - 44103203$24.00


Amano Time Clock Key #700

This key fits these machines: 

  • TCX 11, TCX 21, TCX 22... All TCX clocks
  • PIX3000, PIX55, PIX75, PIX95, PIX200
  • CP3000,  CP5000, EX6000, EX6100, EX6200, EX9000, EX9001 and more
  • MJR 7000, MJR 7000EZ, MJR 8000, MJR 8100, MJR 8150 clocks
  • If your clock is not listed and if you have any doubt, click on "Chat" and ask.

Here's the test:  It's an Amano. 
It's a regular small key slot, not a “church“ or “skeleton key“ hole.
We also have ribbons and time cards for these machines.
Broken?  We can probably fix it.  Call us.

TCX11, TCX21, TCX22, TCX45, TCX75, PIX3000
PIX55, PIX200 CP3000,  CP5000
EX6000, EX6100, EX6200, EX9000
MJR7000, MJR7000EZ, MJR8000, MJR8100, MJR8150 clocks