Lathem Sonachron see the replacement here

Out of Production. September, 2020: We sold the last new one. Scroll down below to see the best replacement: Pyramid 7000/110.

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Lathem Sonachron DWA-S Workshift Clock and Bell Timer
It's gone.  Click on the images below to see the best replacement:  Pyramid 7000/110 volts.
We sell this in several configuratons.  Also Made In USA, very easy to program, very reliable.

                                    110V Pyramid 7000     

 Pyramid Time       Bells In A Box

We have installed well over 500 of these ourselves.
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This is an ideal replacement for the now discontinued Lathem Sonachron

Three button set-up, 18 month guarantee, 110VAC output (rings standard bells and buzzers).  

We can also provide step-down transformers for low voltage AC bells, and can even set it up as a cold-contact relay in case your current Lathem Sonachron is connected to an intercom system.

Yep.  We installed this one...

An actual Lathem Sonachron Workshift Timer
in a metal fab shop - we set this up

This is the Lathem Sonachron clock and timer, with the Amano CP5000 time recorder

This is a typical order:
Lathem Sonachron, two bells or buzzers, bell wire, and strobe lights