Amano CP3000 and NS5100 Black Ribbon
Longest lasting Amano ribbon

Factory Original Amano NS5100, CP3000 and Amano CP5000 ribbon. One color, Black. Same Day Shipping.

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CP3000 and NS5100 ribbon

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Click 148 Amano 700 keyMJR, TCX, PIX time clock key$6.25
Click 445 Amano CP3000 BatteryAmano CP3000 Battery$39.00
Click 108 Amano CP3000 CP5000 Time CardsC3000 One Side, Q: 1,000$42.00
Click 101 Amano CP3000 CP5000 Time CardsC3000-2 Two Sides, Q: 1,000$44.00


Amano CP3000 black ink cartridge ribbon

This is the factory correct ribbon for models

  • CP3000 and CP5000   
  • PIX3000, PIX4000
  • NX5100
  • TS3000i
  • TS4000i

You can also get a two color ribbon for the CP5000
- Red is used only to identify late IN punches.

Extended use ribbon, Amano P/N 316353 
CP3000 and CP5000, PIX3000, PIX4000
NX5100, TS3000i, TS4000i s
hip from the factory with this ribbon.

The PIX ribbon will fit, but it will not work reliably with the CP3000 or CP5000

Reason: The ink is different.  The machine is actually looking at the shade of the color.
Additionally, the CP3000/CP5000 ribbon comes with a large ink reservouir, which makes the ribbon last several times longer than the standard PIX ribbon.

Unique to the Amano CP3000 top loading time clock:  It prints a dense black square to the left of every punch.  The machine senses this black square and uses this information to tell it where to print the next line - that's how it prints down on the card and doesn't overprint.
This process uses a lot of ink.  The ribbon has an ink supply build-in to the cartridge, that's what the buldge is.

It lasts 3x as long as normal (Chinese) PIX ribbons.

This will also work perfectly with all PIX and TCX model clocks.