Amano CP3000 Battery
Amano CP3000 Battery

If you CP3000 is just cycling and the display is flashing, 9 out of 10 times this is the problem. Replace it.

Retail Price: $55.00
Our Price: $39.00
CP3000 Battery

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 108 Amano CP3000 CP5000 Time CardsC3000 One Side, Q: 1,000$42.00
Click 101 Amano CP3000 CP5000 Time CardsC3000-2 Two Sides, Q: 1,000$44.00
Click 192 Amano CP3000 and NS5100 Black RibbonLongest lasting Amano ribbon$22.00
Click 148 Amano 700 keyMJR, TCX, PIX time clock key$6.25


Save yourself a lot of work: 

  • Leave it plugged in while you change the battery,
    otherwise, that program will have to be all keyed back in - and that's not something you want to do today...



Amano CP3000 battery.
When to replace it:

  • If the display is just flashing and the machine does not respond
  • If it loses the memory when the power goes off
  • If it is more than 3 years old
  • We get fresh ones every two months, our batteries are “hot“.  
  • Old batteries, old stock, are a waste of money.

How to do this: 

You will need the 700 key, and a small Phillips head screw driver

  • Leaving the machine plugged in, remove the screws at the very top of the machine only (they hold it to the mounting bracket on the wall).
  •  Lift it up and out, you'll see the battery. 
  • Have a sharp scissors or razor blade handy
  • Cut the nylon battery retaining strap - just leave it there as it threads through the case and isn't worth taking out for all the hassle.
  • Remove the old battery, plug in the new one (red to red, black to black).
  • Hang it back on the wall.  
  • Switch the panel switch to PROG, and the printer will move to the ribbon change position. 
  • Change the ribbon if it's light. 
  • Put a few DROPS of WD-40 on the metal guide bar that the ribbon travels on.
  • Flip the switch.
  • Now your work is done.

Estimated time for a "newbie":  10 minutes
Call it day, you are a success..

We saw them hanging out, but not making eye contact...

  • It was a warm summer night, there was trouble brewing, it was in the air...
  • People were lurking outside the back door, sipping coffee, looking agitated.
  • That's when I realized the time clock was not working, they were my people, and they weren't working.
  • I knew the answer:  I had a bad battery.... I had to fix it, that's another story, another matter altogether.
  • When it was all done, when the smoke had finally cleared, I found it here: