Amano PIX-21 Auto-Mobile Time Clock
PIX-21 A022 12VDC

Mobile Battery Powered Time Clock. Connects to your 12VDC vehicle power tap (the lighter). Made In USA. In stock, fast shipping.

Retail Price: $440.00
Our Price: $299.00
PIX-21 12VDC

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Click 3 Purple Ribbon 014062Purple Ribbon Q: 2 per pack$24.00
Click 6 Red RibbonRed Ribbon Q: 2 per pack$15.00
Click 4 Purple Ribbons (Q: 12) $59.00PIX Ribbons - 12$59.00
Click 11 E2 time cards $41.002 week time card, 1000 / Box$41.00
Click 257 Time Card Rack25 Slot Rack$31.00


Amano PIX-21 Mobile Time Clock

  • Automatic Print
  • Keeps time when unplugged, resets to current time when power is restored
  • Designed to travel - leave in a van, car, truck, portable trailer, etc.
  • User-selectable print - Year/Month/Date or Month/Date, or Day of Week
  • Hours and Minutes or Military and 100th's
  • Clean-change cartridge ribbon
  • Oversize printing - All Amano PIX and TCX clocks print 25% larger than the competitors
  • Makes it much easier to read the cards when you are having all that fun at your desk..
  • Manual or (default setting) Automatic Print
  • Prints on work documents up to 3 copies deep, and time cards
  • Automatic Daylight Savings - default is ON, can be disabled
  • This machine has been on the market for nearly 30 years, they last for decades
  • Quartz accuracy... Set it and forget-it
  • Made In USA (Ohio and New Jersey)
  • Optional two-year extended guarantee


Amano PIX-21 A020 Mobile Punch Clock

Power:  12VDC, includes car adapter   6 watts when printing,  3 watts idling
Humidity:  10% to 90% - don't leave it outside 
Size:  6" high, 5.5" wide, 6.5" deep
Weight:  4 lbs installed
Designed to be installed inside, out of the rain, snow, blowing sand or direct sunlight
Designed with Vans, Trucks, Cars, Worksite Trailers, Tool Sheds in mind





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