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P600 Easy Time Clock System

We have a work-around: Order the P400 and upgrade it.

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WiFi time clock

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 115 Surge ProtectorPower surges are not covered w/o surge protection$14.95
Click 146 Icon RFID Badges10 RFID Badges$24.00
Click 118 RFID Badges25 RFID Badges$40.00
Click 125 Employee RFID Key Fob10 RFID Fobs For Icon$30.00
Click 124 40 Card Badge RackLarge Badge Rack$35.00
Click 323 WET-100U/WET-5050 to 100 employee upgrade$120.00
Click 324 WET-250U/WET-100100 to 250 employee upgrade$224.00
Click 325 WET-500U/WET-100100 to 500 employee upgrade$448.00
Click 600 WET-500U/WET-250250 to 500 employee upgrade$280.00


Icon P400, P600, and TotalPass have been discontinued.

Badges, RFID Keyfobs, mounting plates and software upgrades are still available, as is technical support.

Amano offers networkable clocks that can also work on a wide area network (WAN), providing similar features to the Icon - but not all.

The same goes for CompuTime.

Amano and CompuTime electronic time clock links:

Employee Time Clocks - Payroll Clocks

Employee Time Clocks - Biometric Time Clocks

Cloud based systems, aka Internet and Web-Punch Clocks