Amano MJR-7000 Ribbon 2 pack
Amano Ribbon, MJR Purple

Amano MJR7000 cartridge ribbon, pack of two. Darkest Purple Ink. Guaranteed best quality. Made in USA.

Our Price: $36.00
MJR Ribbon

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Click 148 Amano 700 keyMJR, TCX, PIX, EX time clock key$6.25
Click 39 Amano MJR7000 time cards 1000/bxAmano MJR time cards box of 1000$44.00


 Purple, (or Black and Red) Amano MJR Cartridge Ribbon

P/N C-872304

  • Ribbon:  Fabric:  Industrial Nylon
  • Colors:  Purple (lasts longest), or Black and Red (call for availability)


Our Amano ribbons are made by Amano Time Clock Company, USA