Amano MJR7000 time cards 000-099 2000/bx
Amano MJR time cards box of 2000

Amano MJR7000 time cards, 2000 cards per box. 000 - 099 Lifetime free technical support when you order supplies from us.

Our Price: $89.00
Amano MJR Time Card

Accessories & Supplies:

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Click 148 Amano 700 keyMJR, TCX, PIX time clock key$6.25
Click 36 Amano MJR7000 Ribbon Q: 1C-872304 Amano Ribbon$16.00


Amano MJR time clock cards 2000 card box

Large, easy to read numbers on each card

Range 000 - 099

We can help you to program the time clock. We service and repair Amano MJR7000

You need to update your Amano MJR time clock's daylight setting every year.

Follow THIS LINK for a printable page on how to reset your clock, including how to reset THE TIME, today.

Do this now:  It will not affect (make changes to) your current time cards in any way.
Put the #700 key (Program Key) in the top, turn it to the right.The display will go blank.
Press:  2 0 E   0 3 0 9 #  1 1 0 3 E Press "I" which is the roman numeral 1 at the upper left. The display will go blank.  Turn and remove the key. What this does: 
The clock will automatically "spring forward" and "fall back" on the correct days.
If employees are clocked IN, then the clock will adjust their accumulated hours correctly.