TotalPass P400 - replaces SB100Pro

25 employees, upgrade to 250. RFID Card, RFID Badge, Keypad, Wi-Fi, Etherenet, USB 3.0. Time clocking system. Normally Same Day Shipping.

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Click 332 Icon P600 Customer CareSPT-P600 Customer Care$180.00
Click 118 Icon Proximity Card BadgesTwenty-Five RFID Proximity Badges$44.95
Click 146 Icon Proximity Badges (10)Ten RFID Proximity Badges$25.00
Click 125 Icon Proximity card keyfobReusable RFID Key Fob for Icon$2.50
Click 322 Icon WET-5025 to 50 employee upgrade$95.00
Click 323 Icon WET-10050 to 100 employee upgrade$125.00
Click 324 Icon WET-25050 to 250 employee upgrade$224.00
Click 321 Advanced PackWeb enabled + Depts, and more$149.00
Click 327 Icon Advanced Rules and BenefitsIN-Punch Rounding Time Zones, 3 Accruals$125.00
Click 326 Icon Email Alerts PackIcon Email Alerts Pack$125.00
Click 328 Icon Web Punch ModuleIcon Web Punch with GPS Tracking$99.00
Click 124 40 Card Badge RackSwipe and RFID Card Holder$29.00


Icon P400 basic time and attendance time clock system
New for 2019 - all new hardware. Faster, more reliable, many handy upgrades available.

25 employees, upgrade to 250
Preassigned 4 digit PIN numbers
Optional:  RFID BADGES and RFID KEYFOBS, assignable to individual users 
   a.k.a. Some use a PIN number, others use Badge or KeyFob
Includes Payroll Exports to:
PaychexFlex, Paychex Preview, SurePayroll, Paycom, Paylocity, ADP Workforce Now,
QuickBooks Onlne, QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, Enterprise), HTML, CSV
Custom Exports:  API for creating personalized reports
Calculates basic overtime - daily and/or weekly
Marks Non-Worked Holidays
Supports weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay cycles
Multiple managers can access the records of this machine from different computers
... Generate reports, exports, make punch corrections, etc.  All managers have Supervisor rights
Various upgrades are available, see options list, above.
One year Factory Guarantee, 30 days technical support. Annual support is available (see above)

This is not compatible with SB100Pro or RTC1000 systems.

Available option:
     Web Punch and PC Punch license available in packs of 5, limit 50 licenses.
Advanced Pack (optional) includes:
     Email Prodictivey Pack, 5 Web Punch Licenses, Custom Employee ID PIN upgrade
     Increases employee capacity to 50, Multi-clock feature allows you to connect multiple time clocks,
     Employee Input Tracking (Tips, Job Numbers, Piece Counts), Track Notes by Punch, up to 99 Department
     Names and Codes (codes for Payroll exports), Unique Supervisor Login & Permissions with employee assignments
     to each supervisor, Labor Distribution Reports (using custom fields assigned to the employee)

Benefit Tracking Pack includes:
     Department Punch Revision Zones, Custom Overtime Multipliers (Overtime 1, Overtime 2, Consecutive Days (California!))
     Three Benefit Accruals (ex: Sick, Vacation, Personal), Accrual Summary Report, Filter Create Report 
     by Non-work Hours (using the three accruals).

Email Productive Pack - this is included int he Advanced Pack upgrade, above:
     Email Alerts:  High Hours, Low Hours, Maximum Hours, Approaching Consecutive Overtime, Approaching Daily Overtime,
     Approaching Weekly Overtime, Check for Updates, Backup Reminder, Punch Notify (when they arrive, when they leave)
     Automatic Email BAckups, SSL Data Encription     

Data Security
     All  punch records are saved in the clock, the clock has a huge 4GB Flash Ram.  Backups are removed and saved on your computer or server.
     This keeps the machine running fast.  Backups can be easily restored to create long-term reports.  In the event of machine failure,
     You will need to purchase a replacement to run reports.  Replacements can be shipped "overnight".




Icon P400 Technology

The P400 replaces the SB100Pro.  Records and upgrades from the SB100Pro can be imported to the new machine.  Operating System:  Linux.
Communication:  Launch any web browser.  Connect via a network IP address. 
Processor/Memory/Storage:  1GHZ, 512MB,  4GB Flash
Capacity:  Up to 300,000 punches between downloads
Atuomatic Software Updates:  Standard
Color:  Starry Night Black
Dimensions (WxDxH)     7.25 x 1.75 x 8 in
Weight - mounted to wall:  1.2 lbs
Operating environment:   32 to 113F.  Humidity:  5% to 95%

In The box:

TotalPass P400 Time        Power Supply             15 ft. Ethernet Cable
15 ft. USB Cable               Quick Start Guide        Locking Mounting Plate 2/keys

Click here to download the TotalPass P400 owners manual

Misc Images for your enjoyment...

The above image is from 2003 through 2018. 

Below image, 2019 (current):  Serial port is gone. USB port now accomodates 3.0