uAttend BN6000 Fingerprint Cloud Clock System
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Web hosted biometric time clock. Accessible from everywhere. Feature-rich software. Run your business like a 21st century profit machine. Free USA-48 shipping!

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The BN6000 is a state-of-the-art Biometric (Fingerprint) time clock that connects effortlessly to the internet using any wired router

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It allows you to perform time and attendance functions from any computer with internet access.  The BN6000 is part of the uAttend Employee Management System, a web-based service that allows for employees to punch in and out from the BN6000, from a computer, a smart phone app, or from a telephone.

  • BN6000 biometric cloud/web-hosted clock terminal with advanced fingerprint reader
  • Easy-to-follow instructions, toll-free USA support line (9AM - 9PM, EST, M-F)
  • Power cable, wall mounting hardware
  • Connects to the web via CAT5 cable
  • Free software updates for as long as you use the uAttend system

  • Biometric: Fingerprint only, Fingerprint and PIN, or PIN only
  • 5,000 employee capacity
  • Plug 'n' Play Ethernet Connection
  • Free Lifetime Replacement
  • Free: Your Company Logo on the clock
  • Easy Department Transfers, check hours for pay period, request time off, at the clock.
  • DHCP or Static Environments Keep at main location, or take it on the road with you
  • Designated Break and Lunch Punches - Employees can punch for break and lunch, or can use automatic deductions
  • Time Off Requests - Employees can request time off directly from the device.  Two levels of approval (supervisor and administrator) can be set and approved time of approves coded correctly on the employees time card.
  • Tip and Expense Reporting - Employees can add tips and expenses in the device for accurate wage and reimbursement reporting
  • Job Tracking - Track two levels of job details and get accurate job reports to be used for invoicing or records

Important Notice:  Extremely affordable monthly subscriptions fees are required to use the uAttend Employee Management Systems.  uAttend Time Clocks will not function without a subscription.

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Enter Dealer ID:  DA7BG  when prompted during the sign up process

Why uAttend?  Watch this short video about the company. 
You will be impressed.

All uAttend web-hosted systems include:

  • Unlimited departments - Separate and segment employees any way you like!
  • Revision Zones - A Very Powerful Financial Tool:
    Also known as In-Punch and Out-Punch Rounding Zones, by Department
  • Lock Out Zones - Block (automatically refuse) IN punches that are too early!
  • Punch Change Accountability- 
    Tells you who made the change, when, and from what I.P. address.
  • Overtime - Weekly, Daily, and 7th day consecutive overtime
  • Who's-IN board - See your work force status in Real Time
  • Punch Notifications - Get emails any time any employee punches
  • GeoFencing - Available when using the mobile app  - get alerts if they punch in but are NOT ON LOCATION.
  • Punch rounding - Select from several options
  • Automatic Lunch Deductions - Customizable for your requirements
  • Time Card Approvals - 3 levels of authority to use at your discretion
  • Email Time Cards to Employees - Daily, weekly, or once per pay period
  • Multiple Time Zones - set regional time zone to employee
  • Automatic Break Additions - Stay in compliance with all paid break regulations
  • Holidays - Track holidays as paid and set pay codes based on working
  • Multiple Pay Periods - Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly
  • View & Print Time Cards in Batches - individually or in batches
  • Summary Reports - Data ready to be used for payroll
  • Reports - Run time reports by employee, department, or system wide
  • Exports - Dozens of payroll reports are supported, including ADP, Paychex, and QuickBooks
  • Self Service online help - find the the information you need, when you want it
  • Toll-Free Technical Support, 8 - 5, Monday - Friday, PST
  • Scheduling - Set up schedules (start and end-times) for departments or individuals.
  • Shift Differentials - Administrators can add work shifts and pay rates to their departments and employees.
  • Shift Alarms - Supervisors will get e-mail alerts for early or late employee punch times.
  • Variable pay rates by employee - pay them different rates for different depart

uAttend Citadel Reports in PDF Format - click and scroll to see everything

Department Reports           System Settings and Exports

Time Cards                          Summary Reports

Quick-Start Guide

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Note:  Scroll the reports, many have multiple pages for you to view

uAttend is constantly adding new features to the software suite.

Losing money on people punching back IN, EARLY from Lunch?  Problem solved:

Stop employees from punching back in early with uAttend.

You can set the minimum length of time between punches for Lunch OUT/IN, so that employees cannot punch back IN early and collect more pay time.  It can lock them out for 29, 30, whatever, minutes.


You can also track how long they take for break, require that they take the required amount of break time - or a minute or two less (this is paid time), and if they take too long, the system can dock them for taking excessive break time.  It will show up next to the punch as -2, -3 minutes.
You Can Lock-Out Early IN punches:


Scheduling saves money:

You can set up Basic, or complex, schedules by departments.  Simple Example:
Lets say "Staff" is supposed to start at 7AM.  Some people punch in at 6:40, picking up an additional 15 to 20 minutes pay, daily.
You can set up a "STAFF" schedule that blocks them from punching in until 6:53, where the rounding then pays them from 7AM.
Huge savings.  Imagine the other possibilities.

These features are built in-to the system.

Regarding reading fingerprints:  You can have some employees enter a 4 to 6 digit ID number (their birthday, or part of their SSI, or their cell phone number) then place their finger.  Others, people whose fingerprints are read easily, reliably, can just place their finger, no ID number necessary.  Selectable by the individual.