Netbell-KL 01-910-00029

The Netbell KL is a loud 102dB bell, with a loud 24V bell. Ethernet connection, NTSP time synch. 500 programmable schedule memory.

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Netbell KL

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Netbell-KL  Network controlled break bell

Web-based self-contained work-shift and break bell system with high volume bell for noisy and large industrial areas.  This is a premium quality bell, it is the loudest one available in this size and voltage.

Internet controlled - across your network, or across the web.
Add more bells. Build different schedules for different times of the year
Add optional Temperature and Humidity sensor to check on conditions 
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Compact, self contained system.  Set it and forget-it.
  • High volume - 102db bell
  • Manual Bell button included
  • You can add two more bells to this, and run them from the same timer
  • Easily add the synchronized highly visible digital LED wall clock
  • Normally 20,000 sq ft coverage for each bell
  • Includes emergency alert or "panic" button
  • Fully automated web-based timed alert system
  • Signals shift changes and breaks in areas of high ambient noise levels
  • Can be heard over loud equipment
  • Built on a TCP/IP platform with built-in web server
  • -- Allows user to acces, control, and schedule the bell via Internet connection
  • Completely pre-wired and installed in a NEMA-rated box
  • No additional software or designated computer required
  • Import/export schedules from existing data in text format
  • Buillt-in rechargeable battery protects the program during power outages
  • Automatically corrects for daylight savings, leap year, power outages
  • Run it from any computer or any network, or via the internet
This is a complete wired web controller installed in a NEMA-rated box.
Plug-and play ready, technical support is in USA (this is Made In USA)
Programming is done through any standard web browser
Multi-building ready! Just add more, in each building or each location, you control them over the network, or over the internet. 
UPC: 01-910-00029


  • 10M/100M RJ45 Internet interface with connection and activity LED's
  • Input Power:  24VAC
  • 6" High Voume Bell, 24VAC 92dBa @10', 102dBa @ 1m
  • Enclosure: ABS, IP67/150mm x 150mm x 90mm (Mounting hardware supplied)
  • Accessories:  3 meter power cable, 3 meter RF485 network cable, 3 meter input cable
  • External bell output:  Dry contact, 1-Form-A relay 110/220V  10A
  • On board temperature sensor and input voltage sensor
  • Working temperature from 0 - 65C  (32 to 149F)
  • Storage Temperature from -40 to + 125 C

Humidity from 10% to 80% non-condensing
Supported Protocols:  HTTP/SMTP/SNTP

               Optional configurations include a second bell and a large digital clock