Amano MJR8000N 250 Employee Clock
MJR8000N A094

When you must have a self-totaling clock THAT WILL TAKE A BEATING, THIS IS IT. 250 employee capacity, in-punch lock-out, rounding, auto lunch deduction, Lifetime tech support. Ships in 24 hours.

Our Price: $1,297.00
Amano MJR8000

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 115 Surge ProtectorPower damages are not covered w/o surge protection$14.95
Click 12 25 card time card rackStandard self totaling clock time card rack$29.00
Click 38 Amano MJR8000 ribbon, 2-packAmano MJR8000 2 color ribbon$38.00
Click 39 Amano MJR7000 time cards 1000/bxAmano MJR time cards box of 1000$44.00
Click 40 Amano MJR7000 time cards 000-099 2000/bxAmano MJR time cards box of 2000$76.00
Click 41 Amano MJR8100 time cards 000-249 2000/bxAmano MJR8100 time cards$94.00
Click 148 Amano 700 keyMJR, TCX, PIX, EX time clock key$6.25
Click 106 Amano MJR Signal KitAmano MJR Signal Controller$119.00
Click 88 6" 110V AC Bell 96-102dB6" 110V AC bell$99.00
Click 86 4" 110V AC Buzzer 102db4" 110V AC Indoor Buzzer$139.00
Click 578 Weatherproof Outside Buzzer4" 110V Outdoor Buzzer$199.00


Amano MJR8000
Lifetime Technical Support Included.
We, or Amano's factory engineers, can tell you, button by button, how to set it up

-  Custom or 1/4 hour rounding
-  All Metal Construction, with a PC board

Red Tardy Zones
-  In-Punch Rounding or
Lock-Out which blocks early punches
-  Automatic Lunch Deduction
-  Automatic Daylight Savings Time Correction
-  And a lot more, including the ability to enter employees names on the cards

     * This feature is normally used only for semi-monthly pay cycles.

This is the strongest, best made self totaling time card time clock ever made. 

These are actual Amano MJR Time Cards.  Please study them. 

  • They show Overtime of 40 hours in a week
    --  can be set for 44, 48, etc.
  • They show a day of no punches - the blank line
  • They show running totals as the payperiod advances.
  • You are encouraged to call us with any questions you may have.