Amano MJR Signal and Bell Kit
MJR7000/8000 signal kit with bell

Upgrade your Amano MJR time clock to ring perfectly synchronized bells for start of day, break, lunches, lunch end warning, lunch end, break #2, and end of day. Save $$ on lost labor.

Our Price: $209.00
MJR Kit and bell

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 88 6" 110V AC Bell 96dB6" 110V Indoor/Outdoor Bell$89.00
Click 78 Amber Strobe Light 110VACStrobe Light$74.99
Click 407 Bell Wire25' Insulated bell wire$19.95
Click 404 Bell Wire50' Insulated bell wire$34.95
Click 405 Bell Wire100' Insulated bell wire$44.95
Click 39 Amano MJR7000 time cards 000-099 1000/bxAmano MJR time cards box of 1000$48.00
Click 40 Amano MJR7000 time cards 000-099 2000/bxAmano MJR time cards box of 2000$89.00
Click 41 Amano MJR8100 time cards 000-249 2000/bxAmano MJR8100 time cards$89.00
Click 148 Amano 700 keyMJR, TCX, PIX time clock key$6.25
Click 36 Amano MJR7000 Ribbon Q: 1C-872304 Amano Ribbon$16.00
Click 38 Amano MJR8000 ribbon Q: 1Amano MJR8000 2 color ribbon$18.00


Amano MJR signal kit

Fits Amano MJR7000, MJR7000EZ and all Amano MJR8000 clocks


Schedule up to 28 ring events across 7 days.
7:00AM     9:10:  9:20 (break)   11:30    11:58 (warning)  12:00 noon, end of lunch
2:30PM       2:40 (break)      3:25 (5 minute warning)         3:30PM  end of day
Each event runs Monday, Tues, Wed, Thurs, and Friday
Saturday:  8:00   and 12:00 noon - for that occasional 1/2 day
Nothing rings on Sunday (or, yes, ring it on Sunday).
This is just 12 events.  You would still have 18 events left.

** Requires that you own an Amano MJR7000 or MJR8000 self totaling time clock

Add up to 5 more bells, run them out to 500' from the clock.
We recommend 1 bell per every 15,000 sq feet



6" 110VAC indoor bell

50' insulated twin stranded cable

Amano MJR signal board and instructions

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